The environment and our consciousness

The teachers from a private school in Rio de Janeiro have integrated a commitment to our environment by reading and writing about it in classes. Parents, students and school staff bring a personal vision to the articles published online and distributed within the community. Teachers have found a good mix of writing and environmental concerns, encouraging students to write personal thoughts and stories about environmental issues in their communities. The following article was written by an elementary school student, who is 13 years old, and from the “Centro Educacional da Lagoa,” in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and it can be found on pages 16 and 17.

Be aware of what is happening to our world

The concept of sustainability or sustainable development is to use natural resources rationally, ensuring their access to future generations. Since the emergence of this subject in 1987, in the Brundtland Report prepared by the World Commission on Environment and Development, man has demonstrated that he is aware and has found alternative sources for their survival. However, serious problems still dominate the situation in the environment and therefore human life.

Some environmental impacts:

Water pollution

Humans shed large quantities of waste waters that include pesticides, plastics, and oils, among others–making recycling and the natural purification of water a difficult process. This water is contaminated and the aquatic ecosystem is destroyed.

Everything that goes around comes around

A lot of debris is thrown into the sea, polluting the waters and destroying the ecosystems. In addition to the damage to aquatic animals, human life is also affected. Fish and birds such as albatross, for example, feed on pieces of packaging, plastic bags, bottle caps, thinking they are pieces of meat or fish. Many fish are contaminated; they are caught and brought to the table of consumers. This can generate diseases and cause contamination in those who consume them.
Solutions for the preservation of the waters

It is essential to treat the contaminated water so it can be reused by humans and / or be returned to the environment. The use of stations for wastewater treatment, that is, for the treatment of domestic and industrial sewage is important because it prevents large amounts of sewage from being dumped into the sea. This helps to prevent the contamination left by fishs, birds, and human beings.



10 thoughts on “The environment and our consciousness

  1. I’m 18 years old, just out of high school and this site is a good visual to discover things about other countries’ climates.

  2. This really brings attention to an issue that most people tend to ignore. I’m really glad you made the effort to get people more informed about the environment.

  3. As a graduate student in Educational Technology, I believe this blog is useful for the teachers sharing ideas about environmental issues and we can apply it in to the class.

  4. I can imagine the happiness of this student with his photo and an article published in a magazine and distributed in his community. Surely, this is a good way to encourage students to write more articles like this.

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