Journey through the world

Every Sunday a broadcast news show opens discussion about global warming and how some places are already suffering from the problem. A couple of journalists Sonia Bridi and Paul Zero began a journey through the world, visiting endangered landscapes to meet and talk with authorities on the subject. A high school teacher uses videos from the show as teaching tools to demonstrate how such issues may be interesting, arousing the adventurous side of the children about how climate change is already affecting real life. Each week, at the end of the presentation of the videos, the teacher makes time for trivia questions and answers about the issues that have been shown.


The series involves 12 countries: Bolivia, Peru, United States, Denmark, England, Italy, Tanzania, China, Bhutan, Australia, Vanuatu and Brazil. The first story opens with a debate on global warming. Every Sunday, the students are presented with a new place. In Greenland, for example, the melting of glaciers has led to an increase of icebergs in the sea. In Australia, they presented the problem of desertification. Australia comprises the lower mainland area of ​​the world. In this decade, in Australia the region called the, “wheat belt” has lost four crops due to a lack of rain. Cases of depression among farmers have multiplied along with the drought. Transcript​ (2:42) “Many saltwater ponds become tiny salt deserts,” Bridi said.

The Amazon has a key role in the climate balance of Brazil and also all over the planet. River water levels are below normal levels, leaving communities isolated. New plants grow in places where rivers once stood. Scientists say that in the coming decades, part of the Amazon forest will turn into desert. Transcript​ (4:00) “As in some locations of the Amazon where the roads are actually rivers, entire communities remain isolated because boats are stranded on the sand or in shallow water. Because the level of the river was below normal it was no longer possible to use boats where they are normally used,” Bridi said.



4 thoughts on “Journey through the world

  1. after reading the post on the world water levels, i believe that it is a very real issue we face with global warming. what these really are, are just examples of some of the issues that we will soon face.

  2. It is fascinating to see the journalist walking on a place that before was saltwater ponds and now salt deserts. This is a clear example of global warming. I liked the idea of ​​showing videos like these in the classroom.

  3. This series seems to be very interesting; it’s also fascinating how they mention the problems of water levels and desertification. I haven’t heard people focus on those specific problems of global warming before, and especially in such an in-depth way.

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