Climate101: Climate Change Education

Climate101 website

The Climate101 goal is to build an internet site that acts in supplement to current in-class environmental education for K-12 students. Also, it aim for accessibility of the content by the general public. Student learning and their experience will be tracked through surveys and quizzes. The site is appropriate for use in public locations, such as school classrooms, libraries, at home, or at the workplace. Students and teachers may find the site especially helpful while studying and teaching global climate change.

The Climate101 website is an in-depth, easy to understand resource about global climate change for use by the general public, students, and teachers. The project is being developed and maintained by the members of the LASSO (Laboratory for Aerosol Science, Spectroscopy, and Optics) Group – Dr. Rajan Chakrabarty, Dr. Hans Moosmüller, Mark Garro (NSF Graduate Fellow), and Larissa Simone (Undergraduate Research Assistant) – at the Desert Research Institute in Reno, NV. Outreach and continual content updates to this website are made possible through partnerships with Michelle Breckner from the  Western Regional Climate Center and Karen Severin from the Nevada Green Power program.

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