Project and Game “Clean River”

A private school in Rio de Janeiro is working with a project called “Clean River.” The project aims at educating the community about the importance of preserving natural resources; especially keeping the rivers free of contamination and waste, such as garbage, sewage and pesticides.

The idea occurred because there was no organized garbage collection in the community. When it rains and flooding occurs, the rivers and nearby places are filled with garbage, used pesticide packaging and other agricultural products. The school and the students decided to be the first task force involved in cleaning, and the community embraced the idea. After the establishment of the Clean River Project, there was a significant improvement with the water problem. Today, there is no longer pesticide packaging and trash in the river.

Each year the amount of waste collected by the project decreases and the profile of litter found has also changed. The initial idea was to have the so-called “Project Day” during the environmental week which takes place every year in June. With the success of their assignment, the school decided to continue the project every year.

On the day of the “Clean River” project, students leave their school buildings and practice what they learned during the year. They distribute pamphlets about the dangers of the dirty rivers on our health and environment. The project serves 12 rural communities.

The school also stimulates the kindergarten kids with a virtual game that will help to collect trash that is polluting the rivers. This prepares the younger children for their upcoming involvement in the project, “Clean River,” in the following years.

The goal of the game is to be fun in interactive ways to encourage children to learn about the importance of taking care of nature. The students have a mission of cleaning up the  river and learn how to separate the components of the trash from the river for recycling. purposes. Click in the picture below and play!


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