Recycling: Video and Quiz

A teacher in a private school in Rio de Janeiro, working with first grade, uses a short video to introduce the subject of recycling. After the video presentation, the teacher talks to students about the subject it addresses, that is, the attitude of man throwing plastic bags, food scraps, bottles and other materials into the environment; in the case of the video it is the seas and rivers. The professor emphasized that such attitude shown in the video cause harm and how all of us need the environment to survive. 

 After the video is complete, it suggests an interactive quiz about a lesson on recycling. This quiz helps students learn how long it takes some material used by humans to decompose. 

The day after this class, the teacher asked the students to check the garbage from their homes and make a list of components that are there. The teacher emphasizes this so while they are learning about recycling they are also working on their writing skills learned in school. Then the teacher asks students to take their lists and identify how long each item will take to decay in the landfill.

It is suggested that each student bring their lists with their calculations of each decomposition time of the material to their homes in order to present their parents with what they learned with this project.


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