School’s science exposition

Children of the Public School, in Rio de Janeiro show projects created with recycling.


RJTV July 14, 2011

News Anchor: Students from Public School, Renato Leite, are working on environmental issues. The reporter, Mariana Gross will show the extend of creativity these kids have  in creating recycling ideas.

Mariana Gross: This year’s theme of the school’s science exposition is “Education and Values,” and for these students these values ​​have to do with the environment. Among  the projects we can find plant vases made with soda bottles, soda bottles as a decorative item, and even a toy made with plastic bottles. Now let’s talk with the school’s educational coordinator, Monica Bispo. Why did the school decide to focus on environment this year?

Monica Bispo: The idea was to join the school’s science exposition with the Earth Day. Teachers had the idea for this project, the parents liked it, and the students got involved with these projects.

[ The reporter is moving to a small group of students whose project is creating a water filter from the soda bottle]

Mariana Gross: They’re very creative. Could you explain to me what kind of a project is that?

Student: This is a water filter, we pour dirty water here and it comes out clean.

Mariana Gross: What is inside this plastic bottle to filter the water?

Student: It has cotton, sand and gravel.

Mariana Gross: Well, let’s see. Put a little dirty water here so  that we can see how water comes out clean. Students are pouring dirty water in plastic bottles and in a few minutes the water will come out clean as in this other bottle. This is the creativity level of the students.


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