About RenoRioConnection

Graduate Project

My name is Fanny Pinheiro and I am from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I am 32 years old. My first language is Portuguese. I went to High School at Veiga de Almeida, in Rio de Janeiro. I completed my bachelor’s degree in Journalism from the University Estacio de Sa, in Brazil.

In fall 2011, I received my master’s degree in Interactive Environmental Journalism, at the University of Nevada, in the United States.

As a requirement of my masters degree in Journalism, I created an experimental project as part of my Final Professional Paper.

My goal was to create a Google Earth Outreach Campaign and to use an interactive map as a platform for elementary school teachers and students to study and conduct research about what is happening inside classrooms in relation to the environmental issues in Reno, Nevada, United States and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The blog RenoRioConnection is a space for elementary school teachers and students to communicate without borders, working together to share ideas and to build a web community interested in teaching facts about environmental issues. I propose focusing on three issues: climate change, waste and recycling, and water pollution.

This interactive map allows the participants to share insights, teaching methods and contacts related to environmental issues in both places. My objective is to create a connection and facilitate effective communication within this platform.

Explore the map and to discover what one country can learn from one another. Collaborate by adding links to the map, writing information, leaving comments, sharing your knowledge as you desire in order to create a better environmental education for all.

You can follow this map in the Twitter RenoRioConnect.

Do you think this site is helpful?
What do you like?
What would you add or remove?
What could be done to improve this space? 

Send an email to environmentalconnectionspoint@gmail.com and share your thoughts!


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