Links to Related Websites Universities can be models of behavior for a society struggling with significant issues.  Enhancing and sustaining Nevada’s environmental quality is one of the goals identified in goal six of the University’s strategic plan. Sierra Nevada Journeys is the leading provider of experiential education in the greater Reno/Lake Tahoe area, serving both students and teachers in Nevada and California. It carry out the mission through in-school lessons, after-school programs, field-based experiences, residential outdoor school, and summer camps. Each program focuses on hands-on, inquiry-based education. It sustain those student learning experiences through professional development opportunities for educators. Sierra Nevada Journeys works with more than 6,000 students and 1,000 teachers each year. Envirolution™ is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to developing and scaling dynamic K-12 education, job training, leadership academy, and community outreach programs centered around green industries and green energy. It aim to drive the growth of the green economy, thus increasing the number of jobs available in green industries. The community-based green economy solutions prepare the future and current workforce for green jobs while simultaneously increasing the public demand for green products and services. It initiatives empower all stakeholders involved to achieve triple bottom-line results that benefit local economies, local populations and local environments. Its story began 3 years ago when a group of teachers from Sierra Nevada Journeys’ LIFE retreat pointed out something that was missing in our schools…garden education.  From this small gathering, a plan for an after-school program was sketched out and Garden Club was born.  The response to the program and the call for more like it was immediate and coming in from all corners of the school district.  In the fall of 2009, Urban Roots branched out from Sierra Nevada Journeys to form our own organization with the vision of changing the way kids EAT and LEARN.  Today it continue to work with schools, families and our community to examine the next generation’s relationship to the land, their studies, and themselves.


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